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Yoga in Support of Trauma

The intention of this workshop is to offer an experience of how yoga can support the process of healing trauma. Yoga offers us ways to work with presence and we will discover how to manage and support distressing bodily and psychological symptoms. This workshop will follow on from Yoga in Support of Anxiety and focus on movement through the body, easing stiffness and chronic tension; and remembering again the joyfulness of movement through the body. Trauma, especially in cases of PTSD can cause dysfunction in the perception of time, which is why I believe personally developing and returning to a safe sense of presence can be transformative in supporting and healing trauma in concert with other therapies.

Every person experiences trauma at some time in their lives. I would like to emphasise it is not necessary to ‘grade’ or compare your experience with trauma, if you feel this workshop might be helpful, you are welcome.

I also welcome friends, family and partners who are supporting someone through healing trauma. It is so easy and necessary at times, when supporting someone, to put their needs first. The effects of a loved one’s or friend’s experience with trauma can also be deeply challenging for those who support them.

If you would like to attend both weekend workshops please book Yoga in Support of Anxiety first and you will receive a 30% discount code for Yoga in Support of Trauma.

Earlier Event: July 22
Yoga in Support of Anxiety