Nuad Boran Thai ‘Yoga’ Massage

Thai ‘Yoga’ Massage is a form of fully clothed floor massage which combines aspects of acupressure with assisted yoga poses. Believed to have it’s origins some 2000 years ago, this style of massage unites mind and body as the practitioner uses pressure and supports movement in a deeply relaxing and meditative massage experience. In this Northern style of Thai massage the practitioner uses palm and thumb-presses, elbows and feet to gently stretch the recipient’s body and to stimulate energy lines known as Sen, which to those familiar with Yoga are equivalent to the Nadis we (knowingly or unknowingly) stimulate during Asana and Pranayama practise.

Just like a regular Yoga practise Thai ‘yoga’ massage confers numerous benefits including improving flexibility and mobility, deepening relaxation, pain relief, and improved equanimity of mind.

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