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Partner Yoga Workshop

'A wonderful, light hearted fun and creative afternoon practising partner yoga.  Finding new deeply relaxing ways to relate to each other through asana.'

Working jointly with a friend or partner, experience the mutually beneficial aspects of supporting each other in deep yoga asanas.  Encouraging flexibility and strength through gentle kind awareness.  Moving in partnership can allow for a wider range of movement than is available when practising alone.

We will be working with gentle movements to warm the body, practising bringing awareness into the body and maintaining it throughout.  The partner yoga will be fun and playful, there's no need to take this too seriously!  Finally we will wind down with some still, deep rest - practising gentle, soft awareness while the body rests deeply assimilating the benefits of the day's activities. 

The session will be hosted jointly by Dawn and myself.  

Later Event: December 10
Partner Yoga Workshop